What dose rates should be used ?

We have set up a calculator to help you choose the right dose rate.

Why is natural drying so important ?

The oak is dried in the open air for over 2 years, exposed to our Médoc weather.  This helps free it of its most bitter tannins, enabling it then to express its aromatic richness in contact with the wine.

What is the advantage of toasting over an oak wood fire ?

The traditional method of toasting over an oak wood fire helps generate a fine and elegant palette of aromas which preserve and emphasize the fruit, with a more rapid and lighter extraction.

How many times can the OAK ADD INS be used ?

OAK ADD INS can only be used once. However, although we do not advise you use them more than once, staves can be used twice over a period of 12 months, on condition they not be removed from the tank and that they be thoroughly cleaned.

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