Which toast ?


The toasting process is a crucial phase which has an impact on the composition of the wood.

During this process, the increase in temperature modifies the physical and chemical structure of the wood and forms new aromatic substances.  The toast combines intensity and length, which will result in different profiles depending on how they vary.


Our toasts

  • Light Toast


    A contribution of fresh wood, emphasizing the fruit.

  • Light+ Toast


    Emphasis on the fruit, additional volume in the mouth.

  • “Noisette” Toast*


    A dominance of vanilla aromas, an increase in sweetness and volume in the mouth.

  • Medium Toast


    Complexity is intensified, with velvety tannins.

  • Special Toast*


    A dominance of vanilla and toasted almonds, with soft, round tannins.

  • Medium+ Toast


    A dominance of toasted bread aromas, soft tannins.

  • Heavy Toast


    A dominance of spicy and vanilla aromas.

NB: The Noisette Toast is a slow process with a constant, controlled temperature.
During the Special Toast, the wood is watered during the process, which opens up the wood’s fibers and helps soften the most pronounced tannins.

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