Innovation and R&D

Working with laboratories

Samples are taken from our production and analyses carried out regularly with our partner laboratories. This helps us better conceive and achieve the desired tasting results.

A partnership with universities worldwide including the Bordeaux Faculty of Oenology.

NADALIÉ ranks as one of the leaders of its profession through its ambitious R&D policy. It carries out its research in close collaboration with the Faculty of Bordeaux, supervised in particular by Dr Kleopatra CHIRA, using various grape varieties used worldwide, comparing for each of them the interactions between the wood and the wines.  The results of this research have been published and discussed during international conferences which attract large audiences, and have become the reference for a large number of oenologists and consultants all over the world.

A real partnership in search of perfection

The blend of oak and wine is nurtured in the cellars, in close collaboration with the winemakers.  Here, a mutual desire is born to achieve a result which meets with the expectations and objectives of each of our customers. With the help of our French and overseas customers, we carry out trials which help us better understand the differences between the origins of the oak, the impact of new toasting protocols, (defining precise recommendations for each grape variety), etc…

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